I-40 featured in #PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine

Jordi V. Pou I-40 project has been featured in #PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine issue #12. Follow this link to view the magazine.

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Joan Fontcuberta talks about Ref.1048

Fragment of the lecture by artist and essayist Joan Fontcuberta coinciding with “Photography 2.0” exhibition in Madrid, included in the official section of PhotoEspaña 2014 Photography Festival.

Web video capture

See full Lecture video in two parts at http://www.circulobellasartes.com/mediateca.php?id=10309 and http://www.circulobellasartes.com/mediateca.php?id=10310

BrokenNoses at “La Gran Màquina”

Last Friday the exhibition “La Gran Màquina” opened its doors at “Embarrat“, the Contemporary Art Festival in Tàrrega. Among all the selected works, from up to 22 artists, there is a version of my Broken Noses project: a video made with 3000 images from the project, playing for more than an hour.

Exhibition will be open until June 24.



Photography 2.0 Opening

Yesterday was the opening day of “Photography 2.0” at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. The exhibition, included in PhotoEspaña 2014 Photography festival and curated by Joan Fontcuberta, will be open till the end of July. Exhibition features Jordi V. Pou project Ref.1048.


Some pictures from the opening night.








Pictures by Jordi V. Pou, except last one by Rincon Photography

“Pou & Pou fan Poe” at La Pedrera, Barcelona

Included in the “Setmana de la Poesia” (week of poetry) festival in Barcelona yesterday “Pou & Pou fan Poe” was presented at la Pedrera, the famous Gaudi building in Barcelona. “Pou & Pou fan Poe” is a poetry and images event celebrating the poetry by Edgar Allan Poe.

Catalan poet Txema Martinez has just finished the first Catalan translation of all Poe poetry. To celebrate this moment a poetry show was held yesterday. A dramatized reading of Poe poems by actor Josep Maria Pou was accompanied by photographs by Jordi V. Pou projected on a large screen, to build a dialogue between the verses and images, in an attempt to update and claim Poe modernity.

You can read about this event at here and here.




Images by Pep Herrero (ICUB)

See also this video that was showed during the interlude of the show.


Clucart was born in Lleida with the aim to encourage art and culture, and help promote artists Lleida area and show the general public their works and creations. “Mirades” (Perspectives) is the first exhibition they have organized. It will be open from May 8th to June 29th in Castell del Remei, a beautiful area near Lleida.

Jordi V. Pou is included in this exhibit and will be showing six Kokovoko project prints.



Images by Clucart.

Embarrat 2014

Jordi V. Pou project BrokenNoses has been selected to be in La Gran Maquina exhibit and art contest at Embarrat, the Contemporary Creation Festival. 

Festival will open doors on June 6th with a couple of days full of activities, including “La Gran Maquina” exhibit but also other exhibits, book presentations, performances, music and talks. Jordi V. Pou will also be giving a public talk about his work in the Speaking Corner event by la Parada to be held on Saturday evening and afternoon. Visit this link for the full list of activities.


Art per un nou sostre

Jordi V. Pou collaborates with “Art per un nou sostre” (Art for a new roof), an exhibition in  benefit of the Social Housing Project of the seminar. 50% of the profits from the sale of artwork will be for this project by the diocesan in solidarity with the evicted families in need.

Three Kokovoko prints will be exhibited till the end of May.



Images by “Habitatges Socials Seminari Lleida”


Workshop by Jordi V. Pou at Museu Morera

On March 30 Jordi V. Pou held a workshop at the Museum of Art Jaume Morera in Lleida. Workshop was about how we self represent with images in social media. This workshop is part of the program of parallel activities to the exhibition “Català-Roca. Retrats

MuseuMorera_JordiVPouImage by Bonart

Ref.1048 will be in PhotoEspaña

Jordi V. Pou project Ref.1048 has been selected by prestigious photographer and curator Joan Fontcuberta to be a part of “Fotografía 2.0” an exhibition included in the official section of PhotoEspaña, the International Festival of photography and visual arts.



Exhibition introduction by PhotoEspaña

Photography 2.0 explores the changes taking place in Spanish photography in the context of mass image production, globalization and post-capitalism

Joan Fontcuberta surveys the work of around twenty photographers born after 1970 who share a critical view of the new situation

The earliest photographers grew up in the visual culture of painting; later generations took cinema—and then TV—as their visual reference. Now Internet has burst onto the scene as a universe that shapes contemporary perspectives. A universe characterised by an endless flow of images.

This mass production of photographs may be regarded as an effect of post-capitalism and globalization, prompted by a succession of technological and cultural innovations. The new context has rewritten the rules of the image game. The values of “solid” photography underpinned by the techno-scientific culture and the industrial economy of the nineteenth century have been replaced by those of “liquid” photography, based on the virtual culture and information economies of the twenty-first century.

Photography 2.0 focuses on these changes through an examination of the situation in Spain, where a whole new wave of young photographers are currently engaged in a critical appraisal of the new situation. The exhibition comprises three sections. The first addresses the banalisation of the photographic act, the cortex of reality shows, unbridled voyeurism and loss of privacy. The second session looks at formulations of social identity, biographical narratives and personal fictions, in the light of new digital tools. The final section explores the “technological unconscious” of post-photography, the accidents and fissures that are artistically recycled to provide an innovative aesthetic vocabulary.

Photography 2.0 – Albert Gusi, Alejandro Guijarro, Arturo Rodríguez, Daniel Mayrit, Darius Koehli, Diego Collado, Fosi Vegue, Jon Uriarte, Jordi V. Pou, Juana Gost, Laia Abril, Manuel Fernández, Miguel Angel García, Miguel Ángel Tornero, Noelia Pérez, Oscar Monzón, Pablo Chacón, Reinaldo Loureiro, Roc Herms, Txema Salvans

Círculo de Bellas Artes – Fundación Banco Santander / Sala Picasso – Madrid
Dates: 4 junio – 31 agosto
Curator: Joan Fontcuberta