Bon Nadal / Merry Christmas


New online shop. Buy Jordi V. Pou signed prints!

A new section has just been added to this site. An online shop for Jordi V. Pou signed prints is now available under the prints section.

And to celebrate this new section we are now offering free delivery to any order until the end of 2013. Use this coupon on your checkout: dfree2013



We would like to say welcome to ClucArt, a new site selling artwork from Artists. We are proud to say it offers Kokovoko project prints by Jordi V. Pou.



ArtWork for La Panera App

The IOS app by Centre d’Art La Panera includes artwork by selected artists conceived exclusively to be seen inside the app. This app is one of the first from an art center including a collection of exclusive “Mobile Art” allowing the user to interact with it anytime and anywhere.

Jordi V. Pou was invited to include a piece related with his Observed(o) project. Artwork by Jordi is named Observed(Mil2) and is now already inside the app.

You can download the app free in the app store.

Presenting Observed(Mil2)

Yesterday in ETOPIA, at Milla Digital Zaragoza. With Anna Roige from La Panera, presenting Observed(Mil2), the artwork piece by Jordi V. Pou  recently included in the Centre d’art la Panera IOS app. Thanks to Proyectamedia for inviting us!


Lecture “Immediacy vs Reflexion”

Included in the seminar about the family album El álbum familiar: otras narrativas en los márgenes” organized by the Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo and Visiona Huesca, Jordi V. Pou did ​​a presentation entitled “The family album in the era of Social Networks. Immediacy vs. Reflexión “

HuescaFoto: Joseba Acha



Observed(o) project has been going on during October 2013 in Lleida. Visit project section for more info or the project site that includes now images and videos from all the actions.

These are two videos from TV News covering the project.


La Parada Fotografia Online

La Parada, one of the most innovative photo galleries in Barcelona, is now offering prints in their just opened online shop. This is a great opportunity as prices are really affordable.

You will find many prints by Jordi V. Pou, all from his Kokovoko project. Please have a look and get one of the prints!



Observed(o) Project is On

Observed(o) project is finally on. It will consist in many public actions all throughout October 2013. Visit project site for more info.



Eye Loop / Observed (o) tests

Observed (o). There are more eyes watching us than ever, cameraphones are everywhere, and there’s a lot of chances that by the end of any day a picture with us on it ends in a social network. Keep your eyes open. Working on a new project.