The Ref.1048 Project. (2012)

In the era of internet and online shopping a question arose while I was doing a difficult search for a product. After using diverse methods; by name of product, product image and even the product reference number, an idea emerged: The Ref.1048 Project.

A wide search using only a reference number was done, and it was really surprising. Using reference number 1048 lots of different products began to emerge. This book is a compilation of texts and images used in each of them.

View the book full screen for a better experience. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I’m also looking for a publisher who wants to go on with the printed version. Any advice will be welcomed (please use contact section on this site!).

You can also see this project book in Issuu, please share the link at your convenience.

Is it possible to live using only products referenced with the same number?

Considering that we all have assigned numbers (identity card, driving license or social security number) perhaps we could even live using only products referenced with our own number. The original product search was done using the Reference 1048, and so was done to do the project compilation. The final result is a collection of 80 products  with that reference number. All of them are available for purchase online.

All products in the book include the original description used in the web where I found them, in their original language. I also include the photograph used to sell the article. This makes this project also a photographic collection of images, a catalog of what kind of images are used to sell in internet.