New Photography

Has Photography changed with the advent of smartphones and social networks?

Using instagram as a research field the idea was to collect images to see whether the subjects and moments of photography have changed. Images collected are divided into three sections.

FamIGly of Man uses the original Family of Man exhibition catalog to see if traditional subjects and moments are still present in photography shared in social networks. Original catalog is replicated in pages and layout, but changing all the images by those found on Instagram.

New Photography Compilations groups images in series and presents them as ebooks with 100 pics. The idea of this section is to present moments and subjects not usually seen in traditional photography but actually commonly seen. These images are a consequence of the usability of the new tools, smartphones and social sites.

Photography is Over selects images that go beyond what photography usually accepts as photography. These images are a consequence not only of the usability of the new tools but also of the dependence of the new tools, almost like an addiction. These compilations are presented as short videos.

The FamIGly of Man

The FamIGly of Man

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New Photography Compilations

#01    BrokenNose

#02    23Likes

#03    Cemetery

#04    ToiletPaper

#05    Superman

#06    Elevator

#07    MiddleFinger

#08    BusStop

#09    AlphabetSoup

#10    Queue

Photography is Over

#01 REQUIEM ETERNA (#deadfly)

#02 WAITING (#washer)

#03 ALONE (#floor)

#04 NOSTALGIE (#deadend)

#05 MEMORIES (#breading)