“Smartphonografía”, BBC World Article

BBC Mundo, the BBC website in Spanish, just published an article by Anahí Aradas named “Smartphonography, the art of communicating with pictures“. It’s an article about how smartphone photography is being used actually. Includes part of an interview with Jordi V. Pou and one of his Kokovoko project Images.



New Photography #01

Just starting a new series named New Photography.  Each one will be shaped as a book and will include a compilation of images found in social sharing sites or apps in internet. All selections done by Jordi V. Pou.


First one is named #BrokenNose and includes a selection of one hundred images shared in instagram including a broken nose. View it full screen for a better experience.



Open in an standalone window for better experience on IOS

3 years of Kokovoko Project

Today, Oct. 15th 2012, marks three years of Jordi V. Pou’s Kokovoko project. Posting at least a new image daily project is still going on with no closing date scheduled. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting this project during this long three years.



Have a look at all what has happen with the project since that day in the Out of The Blog section in the main blog site. You’ll find lots of info and links there.


“Photographer’s day” at La Parada with Jordi V. Pou

Next Thursday, Oct. 18th, Jordi V. Pou will be at La Parada Gallery, in Barcelona, talking about his 3 years old Kokovoko project.


From 19pm we will talk about mobile photography about how everything is changing now, and how will all this affect to traditional areas of photography. It will also be a good moment to buy one of the last units of the La Parada opening limited edition of one of Jordi V. Pou prints and his exhibition catalog.



La Parada

On Saturday September 15th a new photography+books gallery opens in Barcelona. It’s a very special Gallery, named La Parada, located in a public street Market.  From the opening day there will be work by six photographers for sale. And a lot of activities around the gallery, including weekly meetings with each one of the photographers.


Included photographers are Blanca Viñas, Jordi Alcaraz, Jordi Oliver, Lola Montserrat, Alberto Polo Iàñez and Jordi V. Pou. There will be a selection of up to twenty different Kokovoko prints for sale.


And a very special surprise. Only during the opening day, yes! only for one day!, a special limited edition of one of the Jordi V. Pou Kokovoko photographs will be for sale. A 50 prints limited edition, each one at a price of only 20€, and with the Kokovoko exhibition catalog included as a present. So if you are in Barcelona on that concrete day don’t miss it, it’s a one day offer!!



And if you visit Barcelona someday don’t forget to pay a visit to La Parada!!


iPhone Photography eBook interviews Jordi V. Pou

Photographer Misho Baranovic, who has been creating and sharing iPhone photography since the early days, has just published an excellent digital book, “iPhone Photography: How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photos”, in which he shares a lot of information on how to shoot photos with an iphone, edit them, and share them. It’s a great, single-volume course on the complete iPhoneography workflow.


In some sections of the book Misho interviews other high-profile pioneers of iPhoneography, including Aik-Beng Chia, Greg Briggs, Andrea O’Reilly, Robert-Paul Jansen, Theodore Kaye, Oliver Lang, Benedicte Guillon and Jordi V. Pou. Jordi talks about his Kokovoko projects and shares an example of his iphone editing process.



You can buy the ebook in this link.


Contemporary Art in Hospital

This last months Jordi V. Pou has been directing a project named “Contemporary art in Hospital”. This project is collaboration between La Panera Art Center and Arnau de Vilanova Hospital, both in Lleida, in a European funded program aiming to bring art projects to hospitals.


Jordi was asked to propose and run an art project inside the Hospital. According to the type of work he is doing lately the decision was to run a project using smartphones and photography. A set of smartphones was made available for anytime use to a group of people inside the hospital, including patients, families, doctors, and hospital workers. All of them have been using the smartphone to explain by images what is their daily experience in the hospital.


With a total of 13 participants and more than 250 images the results from a total of eight weeks project is now online at www.artihospital.org


The project was presented in a press conference yesterday. There has been a wide coverage by press and tv. As example see how Segre newspaper covers it in this pdf.


TV3. TV News.


TV Lleida. TV News.


This video was recorded a month ago during Kokovoko exhibition. It was recorded and edited by a group of students from a high school in Lleida as a course project.



Thank you Miriam, Marta, Jeny and Aitor for this video.


Lys Photo Magazine

One of Jordi V. Pou Kokovoko project images is featured in the section ONE SHOTS inside the first online magazine LYS PHOTO. See it at www.lysfoto.org


Lys Photo is an on-line magazine of new connected photography, founded by Star Rush and Jennifer Inslee in April 2012, is published every 8 weeks.



Jordi V. Pou selected for MindMap exhibition

Jordi V. Pou´s Kokovoko project will be included in upcoming MindMap exhibition to be held in Venray, The Netherlands, from May 25th to October 14th 2012.


Exhibition will be showing up to 63 artists and writers in a  Manifestation about Art and Psychiatry showing all around the city of Venray, including Odapark Contemporary Art Center.


As MindMap website says; “On the question of whether creativity can be effectively recovered in the physical form of someone’s brains, MINDMAP gives no answer. We show examples, examine stories and discuss theories. Above all, we accept a connection, because we feel for art and for people who live their lives in the world of psychiatry. We recognize each other’s view of reality. Bringing these visions to attention is what MINDMAP wants to do. We do this eminently in the city of Venray, base of one of Holland’s most important centers for psychiatric care.


List of included artists show some important names in art, like Andy Warhol, Marina Abramovic, Andrea Lehmann, Edward Lipski, Sofie Muller, Jan Fabre, Erick Habets, and a large list you can see here.



Visit project site for more info about this project.