iPhone Photography eBook interviews Jordi V. Pou

Photographer Misho Baranovic, who has been creating and sharing iPhone photography since the early days, has just published an excellent digital book, “iPhone Photography: How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photos”, in which he shares a lot of information on how to shoot photos with an iphone, edit them, and share them. It’s a great, single-volume course on the complete iPhoneography workflow.


In some sections of the book Misho interviews other high-profile pioneers of iPhoneography, including Aik-Beng Chia, Greg Briggs, Andrea O’Reilly, Robert-Paul Jansen, Theodore Kaye, Oliver Lang, Benedicte Guillon and Jordi V. Pou. Jordi talks about his Kokovoko projects and shares an example of his iphone editing process.



You can buy the ebook in this link.