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Nómade. Arte y Pensamiento.

New online Art Magazine “Nómade, Arte y Pensamiento” features Jordi V. Pou Ref.1048 Project in the first published number.   Art curator Alejandra Mizrahi has written a text about the project.  

Photography is Over

Just starting a new Instagram Compilations series, named Photography is Over, presented this time as short videos with music. First one is named Requiem Eterna.     

Catalan Contemporary Photography

Today, in Barcelona art center “Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc”, a new book about “Catalan Contemporary Photography” is presented to public. It’s a book edited by Fundació Lluís Carulla, included in their Nadales collection, and coordinated by David Balsells.   Includes images and articles explaining Catalan photography from the 70s to actuality, with texts by […]

“Smartphonografía”, BBC World Article

BBC Mundo, the BBC website in Spanish, just published an article by Anahí Aradas named “Smartphonography, the art of communicating with pictures“. It’s an article about how smartphone photography is being used actually. Includes part of an interview with Jordi V. Pou and one of his Kokovoko project Images.     

New Photography #01

Just starting a new series named New Photography.  Each one will be shaped as a book and will include a compilation of images found in social sharing sites or apps in internet. All selections done by Jordi V. Pou.   First one is named #BrokenNose and includes a selection of one hundred images shared in instagram including […]

2012: The year in mobile photography

DPRConnect has just published an article by Anton Kawasaki, an internationally well known mobile photographer, named “2012: The year in mobile photography“. It’s a very interesting resume of what 2012 has bring to mobile photography, including achievements and events.   So happy to say it includes a reference to Jordi V. Pou Kokovoko exhibition in Lleida, some […]

3 years of Kokovoko Project

Today, Oct. 15th 2012, marks three years of Jordi V. Pou’s Kokovoko project. Posting at least a new image daily project is still going on with no closing date scheduled. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting this project during this long three years.     Have a look at all what has happen with the […]

“Photographer’s day” at La Parada with Jordi V. Pou

Next Thursday, Oct. 18th, Jordi V. Pou will be at La Parada Gallery, in Barcelona, talking about his 3 years old Kokovoko project.   From 19pm we will talk about mobile photography about how everything is changing now, and how will all this affect to traditional areas of photography. It will also be a good moment to buy one […]

La Parada

On Saturday September 15th a new photography+books gallery opens in Barcelona. It’s a very special Gallery, named La Parada, located in a public street Market.  From the opening day there will be work by six photographers for sale. And a lot of activities around the gallery, including weekly meetings with each one of the photographers.   Included photographers are Blanca Viñas, […]