Catalan Contemporary Photography

Today, in Barcelona art center “Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc”, a new book about “Catalan Contemporary Photography” is presented to public. It’s a book edited by Fundació Lluís Carulla, included in their Nadales collection, and coordinated by David Balsells.


Includes images and articles explaining Catalan photography from the 70s to actuality, with texts by David Balsells, Juan Naranjo, Cristina Zelich, Rafael Lavenfeld, Pierre Borham and Joan Fontcuberta. The article by Fontcuberta, a well known international photographer and curator, talks about a “Post-Photography Visual Culture” and includes an image from Jordi V. Pou Kokovoko project as well as a written reference to it.


Book is in Catalan Language, you can get a copy ordering it at Fundació Lluís Carulla website. It’s a nonprofit foundation, so only a willed is asked. Soon all the book will also be available as a PDF for download.


UPDATE: We have the PDF of the article by Joan Fontcuberta. “Una cultura visual postfotogràfica” (Thanks Roc Herms for sharing it)