FotoFesta 2012

Fotofesta 2012 is a one day Photography Festival organized by the Centre de Fotografia Francesc Català-Roca in Barcelona. It is a biannual festival, this year edition was held on June 29th. Includes exhibitions, projections, lectures, workshops, and many more.


One of the events included a talk by Jordi V. Pou about Smartphones and Photography, and how is this new tool is changing how photography is done and shared.



Twenty Artists for a Cause

Yesterday an exhibition titled “Twenty Artists for a Cause” opened in Lleida Public Library. It’s an exhibition to raise funds for the “Jaume Arnó Renal Foundation”. Twenty artist give one of his works to the exhibition.


Works will be in exhibition till mid September. Then there will be an open auction to sell the works during a dinner in another of the most emblematic buildings in Lleida, La Llotja theater and Congress Hall.


Work by Jordi V. Pou is from his “Insulae” work.


MindMap Magazine

MINDMAP exhibition opens today in Venray, The Netherlands.


The MINDMAP magazine is just the first publication for this amazing exhibition showing works from up to 63 artists and writers, including Jordi V. Pou Kokovoko project. A catalog will follow. It’s so amazing to see my name selected for the cover of the magazine, with such great artists in the list.


See previous post for more info on exhibition or visit MindMap site.


Thanks Pascalle for sending me this photograph!!!

Jordi V. Pou selected for MindMap exhibition

Jordi V. Pou´s Kokovoko project will be included in upcoming MindMap exhibition to be held in Venray, The Netherlands, from May 25th to October 14th 2012.


Exhibition will be showing up to 63 artists and writers in a  Manifestation about Art and Psychiatry showing all around the city of Venray, including Odapark Contemporary Art Center.


As MindMap website says; “On the question of whether creativity can be effectively recovered in the physical form of someone’s brains, MINDMAP gives no answer. We show examples, examine stories and discuss theories. Above all, we accept a connection, because we feel for art and for people who live their lives in the world of psychiatry. We recognize each other’s view of reality. Bringing these visions to attention is what MINDMAP wants to do. We do this eminently in the city of Venray, base of one of Holland’s most important centers for psychiatric care.


List of included artists show some important names in art, like Andy Warhol, Marina Abramovic, Andrea Lehmann, Edward Lipski, Sofie Muller, Jan Fabre, Erick Habets, and a large list you can see here.



Visit project site for more info about this project.

Kokovoko Featured in “LECTURA”

Segre newspaper sunday magazine “Lectura”  included yesterday a four pages feature about Kokovoko project and exhibition.



See full magazine pdf or article pdf

Mobile Eyephoneography arrives to Donosti

The traveling exhibition “Mobile Eyephoneography” arrives to Donosti/San Sebastian today. Exhibition includes works by 8 photographers, including Jordi V. Pou.


From May 8 to June 30 at FNAC Donostia (Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 22:00)


Kokovoko featured in “El Dado del Arte”

El Dado del Arte”  has featured Jordi V. Pou exhibition. This Spanish art blog, written by Pilar DM, is a high quality reference for art news an opinion in Spain. With a lot of followers is worth a visit if you can read Spanish.


You can see the full article in this link.



Kokovoko exhibition in TV News (TV Lleida)

Yesterday a news report about exhibition was included in Notícies Migdia by TV Lleida. Including images from the exhibition and some words by Jordi V. Pou.


See full news program here.

“A Day In The Life of The Talented Professional Photographer and iPhone user, Jordi V. Pou” – The App Whisperer

The APP Whisperer website, dedicated to iPhone photography, features an interview with Jordi V. Pou. Showing his images and talking  about his iPhone projects. Have a look at it here.




Video report from Jordi V. Pou Lecture

Video edited by Waita TV for IEI about Jordi V. Pou’s last Tuesday conference about photography and new technologies, entitled ”Photography is dead, long live photography!“


This lecture was included in the “Sant Jordi 2012” activities by the Intitut d’Estudis Ilerdencs of Lleida, which is already holding Jordi V. Pou exhibition at the moment.