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Kokovoko Exhibition Images

Last thursday March 8th Kokovoko.info exhibition by Jordi V Pou was finally opened in IEI Gothic Hall in Lleida. Here are some images I did just a couple of days before the opening.    There are also official images and video from the opening event I will share as soon as I have them.      […]

Kokovoko Exhibition Catalog now online and downloadable

A limited edition printed catalog has been published on occasion of the “Kokovoko.info exhibition” in Lleida, opening today ( March 8th to May 13th ). This is an online version. Use the fullscreen viewer in a big screen for better experience (down right under the book).    You can also download the catalog from this […]

Odapark Exhibition “Love the one you’re with” Images

Opening this weekend the exhibition “Love the One you’re with” nature photography with a mobile phone will be open to public at Odapark Contemporary Art center in Venray, The Netherlands.   Exhibition includes 9 photographs from Jordi V. Pou’s new mobile phone photography project “Perfect Nature“. These are some images from odapark and my work included in the exhibition, images by […]

Jordi V. Pou radio interview. “El Fotómata”

On Friday February 24 Jordi V. Pou was invited as guest to a radio program about photography. Organized by Seville gallery El Fotomata program was an hour long talk about photography and new tools. You can listen it now using the link under this text. (in Spanish!)   

Mobile Eyephoneography arrives to Malaga

The traveling exhibition “Mobile Eyephoneography” arrives to Malaga today. Exhibition includes works from 8 photographers, including Jordi V. Pou.   From March 1st to May 30th at FNAC Malaga (Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 22:00)   


Jordi V. Pou will be ofering a workshop about “Smartphones, Photography and Internet” at GrisArt School of Photograhy in Barcelona. It will be a two day workshop, 4 hours each, to be held on May 4th and 11th.     More info at this link from GrisArt site.   —- info from GrisArt site : […]

‘Love the One you’re With’

Opening next Saturday March 4th  the exhibition “Love the One you’re with” nature photography with a mobile phone will be open to public at Odapark Contemporary Art center in Venray, The Netherlands.   Exhibited works include 9 images from Jordi V. Pou’s new mobile phone photography project “Perfect Nature“, all printed to A2 size (594 x 420 mm/23.4 x 16.5 […]

Kokovoko.info Exhibition Announced

Finally, after many group exhibitions all around the world, a kokovoko.info project solo exhibition will open on March 8th 2012 in Lleida, my hometown, the real stage of my kokovoko images.     Exhibition will be in the Gothic Hall of Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs, a nice and big hall from XV century  just in the […]