La Parada Fotografia Online

La Parada, one of the most innovative photo galleries in Barcelona, is now offering prints in their just opened online shop. This is a great opportunity as prices are really affordable.

You will find many prints by Jordi V. Pou, all from his Kokovoko project. Please have a look and get one of the prints!



Observed(o) Project is On

Observed(o) project is finally on. It will consist in many public actions all throughout October 2013. Visit project site for more info.



Eye Loop / Observed (o) tests

Observed (o). There are more eyes watching us than ever, cameraphones are everywhere, and there’s a lot of chances that by the end of any day a picture with us on it ends in a social network. Keep your eyes open. Working on a new project.




Interview at “QueSabesDe”

Photography and technology website has just published an interview with Jordi V. Pou. It’s a long  interview about photography and all the changes that are happening actually., and about Jordi’s projects.


It’s in Spanish and features many images from Jordi V. Pou’s Kokovoko project. You can see the interview at “QueSabesDe”




Photography by Calvin Dexter / Quesabesde

Interview at “El Sofá Rojo”

An interview with Jordi V. Pou has just been published at “El Sofá Rojo”, a relatively new website doing a great work recording interviews with photographers.


Interview is in Spanish and is quite long (sit down, get some drink and relax!!)


This is the video used to promote the interview, and don’t forget to visit “El Sofá Rojo” website for more interviews.


New Book with an article by Jordi V. Pou

A new about about photography and the family album has just been published by Diputación de Huesca and La Oficina Editores.  Book editor is Pedro Vicente and includes articles by diverse authors. One of them is Jordi V. Pou with an article about Family Album 2.0 and the Smartphone Era.






ÁLBUM DE FAMILIA, (re)presentación, (re)creación e (in)materialidad de las fotografías familiares Editado por Diputación Provincial de Huesca y La Oficina. 


Dirección editorial: Pedro Vicente. – David Almazán | Nuria Enguita | Joan Fontcuberta | Isabel García | Edgar Gómez | Joana Hurtado | Annette Kuhn | Martha Langford | Alexandra Laudo | Kamal Munir | Jordi V. Pou | Daniel Palmer | Gustavo Puerta | Armando Silva | Carmelo Vega | Pedro Vicente


Google by Google

Another test using Google Street View to do a timelapse video with still images.

What happens when a Google Street View car spots another Google Street View Car? This is a google family video


Broken Noses

I have decided to keep working on the Broken Noses idea as a project itself. Firts step is a new tumblr blog including all the collected broken noses images from Instagram.



Following the Joker

I’m lately doing tests with different ways of using online images. This is a timelapse video using screen captured Google Street View images.


Setmana Santa 2013

Jordi V. Pou has been selected by Lleida Town Hall to design the poster for “Setmana Santa 2013” celebrations on the city. After a selection process among other proposals the final selected poster includes an image from Jordi’s project.



Photography by Herminia Sirvent