Jordi V. Pou selected for MindMap exhibition

Jordi V. Pou´s Kokovoko project will be included in upcoming MindMap exhibition to be held in Venray, The Netherlands, from May 25th to October 14th 2012.


Exhibition will be showing up to 63 artists and writers in a  Manifestation about Art and Psychiatry showing all around the city of Venray, including Odapark Contemporary Art Center.


As MindMap website says; “On the question of whether creativity can be effectively recovered in the physical form of someone’s brains, MINDMAP gives no answer. We show examples, examine stories and discuss theories. Above all, we accept a connection, because we feel for art and for people who live their lives in the world of psychiatry. We recognize each other’s view of reality. Bringing these visions to attention is what MINDMAP wants to do. We do this eminently in the city of Venray, base of one of Holland’s most important centers for psychiatric care.


List of included artists show some important names in art, like Andy Warhol, Marina Abramovic, Andrea Lehmann, Edward Lipski, Sofie Muller, Jan Fabre, Erick Habets, and a large list you can see here.



Visit project site for more info about this project.