“Love the One you’re with”

El projecte Perfect Nature va ser concebut originalment per a l’exposició de fotografia de natura “Love the One you’re with” que es va celebrar al centre d’art contemporani Odapark a Venray, Països Baixos, durant els mesos de març i abril de 2012. Visiteu aquest enllaç  link per més informació.

L’exposició incloïa 9 fotografies del projecte de fotografia Jordi V. Pou “Perfect Nature”. Aquestes són algunes imatges d’Odapark i del meu treball inclòs a l’exposició. (Fotografies cortesia de Valerie Ardini i Peter de Ronde)


Original text from Odapark site ( google translation)

From 4 March to 1 May Odapark organize an international exhibition of landscape photographs taken with mobile phones: Phoneography called. Thirteen professional photographers and artists show work in which they deliberately chose to implement it using a camera present on their phone.

What started as a forced use of a lower quality camera – for the simple reason that it is a device that you have with you – has quickly become an almost sacred use of camera phones. The love for the camera results in a new form of art in photography. The result delivers pictures that, as a rule, only to behold on the phone display. In a limited format and subjected to the newly created “rules” in this box. The often beautiful images are distributed via the Internet and social media, to well-defined and determined collective use and method. Odapark get these photos of the inside walls of the Art Institute.

Especially the landscape photography in this technique is interesting because it is the genesis of this art form is underlined. On the path in the nature you the best moments and scenes ‘catch’ with the camera on your phone simply because it is in your pocket.

Odapark selected in collaboration with journalist & iPhoneographer Peter Janssen, a number of international photographers, many of whom were new work for this occasion. It is the first time they will jointly exhibit, inspired by an environment that determines landscape.

Participating artists: Valerie Ardini (NL) / Daniel Berman (CA) / Ton Ensing (NL) / Bryce Fauble (UK) / Souichi Furusho (JP) / Dixon Hamby (PA) / Robert-Paul Jansen (NL) / Steve John ( UK) / Loud Greg Erman (U.S.) / Jordi V. Pou (ES) / Stephanie Calabrese Roberts (U.S.) / Andy Royston (U.S.) / Jesse Wright (U.S.)

The works will be shown in all three areas in Odapark. In the Project Area will work in “back-lit transparancy-technique” color displayed on specially designed light boxes and iPhones. IPhones are available in the Foyer of the audience through search functions and phone applications – called apps – work sites and techniques to search. The Tea contains black and white photography in print and in large glass Beeldenbos his light columns in the landscape and between contemporary sculptures included.

In the exhibition, a catalog and special educational activities developed.